Ambitious Tarryn lived life in the fast lane

TARRYN Michael Alexander was born at the Gympie Hospital on August 16, 1993 to parents Brett and Kathy. His birth was a representation of what his life would come to be - "always in a hurry".

There was always something Tarryn wanted to do, a life to be lived. His journey was filled with excitement and adventure.

Tarryn was raised on a farm and from early on, was an active child.

He learnt many skills, such as horse riding and driving a tractor from the early age of four years and soon became a skilled horseman.

As with most children raised on the land, there were always lots of things for Tarryn to do, such as fishing and catching lobbies in the creek, which he loved doing with his mates.


Tarryn Michael Alexander1993-2012
Tarryn Michael Alexander1993-2012

From the age of six, Tarryn began to race BMX bikes, progressing through the ranks from sprockets to open class. He travelled to many places to compete and won many trophies.


Tarryn attended Chatsworth State School from pre-school to Year 7 and while at school, found a love of sport.

He competed in triathlons and always finished in the top three places. He was captain and vice-captain of his house teams. After completing his primary education Tarryn attended James Nash High School through to Year 10.

At high school, Tarryn began to play football and golf and also during these years, found a love for motor bikes, quickly excelling at motocross racing, which brought him trophies and prizes.

He travelled to many places to ride and obtained a sponsorship to help him to compete, proving himself a top motocross competitor.

His other interests included pig and deer hunting, spear fishing and crabbing. He really loved to hunt.

Tarryn's lifetime ambition was to be a butcher and on leaving school was fortunate enough to obtain an apprenticeship, becoming a qualified butcher on August 2, 2012.

Recently, Tarryn went on a cruise with his mates and girlfriend which he really enjoyed and planned to go on another tour this year.

Tarryn was loved by everyone; he loved a good joke and a good laugh. He had a beautiful personality and always a cheeky smile. He was generous, always polite, was a loyal friend and stood firmly by his mates.

Tarryn was a wonderful and much loved son to Brett and Kathy and a wonderful brother to Jayden, Kayde and Nikeya.

He died on December 28, 2012 and will always be loved and sadly missed. Ride in Paradise Tarryn.

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