HAPPY CAMPERS: Heidi Jones and Renae Nawrocki.
HAPPY CAMPERS: Heidi Jones and Renae Nawrocki. Renee Albrecht

A few rotten eggs, but Muster majority well behaved

CROWDS at the Muster swelled yesterday with the majority of people extremely well behaved, however emergency services issued reminders to campers to obey the rules.


Kybong Rural Fire Brigade first officer Peter Ryan said the most campers do the right things but a few let the others down, with the rural firefighters having to extinguish dozens of camp fires.

"We've had quite a few instances we've had to deal with," Mr Ryan said.

"Mainly camp fires left unattended, fires during banned times.

"A few spoil it for the others."

Gympie Police Acting Senior Sergeant Rod Venn said the majority were well behaved.

"We've had a couple of incidents here that we had to attend to but most are well behaved," he said.



Acting Snr Sgt Venn said the big message to those at the Muster is to obey road rules and to take care around pedestrians.

"With traffic, there is zero tolerance," he said.

"There's no excuse, there's a lot of younger people here.

"You can't change your standards because you're at an event.

"It won't take much for someone to become injured."

He warned passengers in the trays of utes, speeding, drink driving and reckless use of a vehicle are all targeted.

The crowd at the Muster is diverse as ever, with many travelling from far and wide to attend the event.

Barry Buret and Bobby Watson flew from Cape Town, South Africa, just for the Muster.

"We flew via Dubai, just for this," Mr Buret said.

"It's overwhelming," Mr Watson added.

Maureen Grant and Ian Webster came from Bermagui, on the New South Wales far south coast.

They said they are on a trip around Australia, and the Gympie Music Muster had its date marked and underlined.

"We are headed around Australia," Mr Webster said.

"We had the Muster booked in well in advance."

Muster marketing manager Lori Hoffman said the crowd is building.

"Campsites are filling quickly today as hundreds more festival-goers join the festivities," she said.

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