Guyana gunshot victim speaks out

Rainbow Beach man Jason Montgomery is home at last after being critically wounded in a South American shooting.
Rainbow Beach man Jason Montgomery is home at last after being critically wounded in a South American shooting. Renee Pilcher

JASON Montgomery is bored, which is probably a good sign.

He spoke publicly for the first time yesterday about the near fatal gunshot wound he suffered two-and-a-half months ago, in the troubled South American nation of Guyana.

Shot in the chest, left stranded by the Australian authorities, victim of a botched surgery (courtesy of the Guyana public health system) and still facing six months of convalescence (with more surgery), Jason knows there are worse things than boredom.

“Whatever happens to me now, if people ask me how I am, I can always say, ‘I’ve had worse days.’

“I’ve been lying on my back since I got shot on January 8 and I want to get back to work,” he said.

“I’ve lost 35kg in seven weeks. The doctors are thinking up to six months for a full recovery.

“The British and Australian doctors are repairing the damage from the ones in Guyana.”

Jason was catching up on cricket with the owner of a bar in the former British colony, when three armed robbers walked in and opened fire, wounding Jason and another man and killing a bar attendant who had just served them.

“That was the most expensive beer I’ve ever had,” he said yesterday, as he continued his recovery at the Rainbow Beach home of his mother, Sandy Brosnan.

“I was talking to the owner, after eight months in the Dutch Caribbean, where they don’t have cricket.”

Worse still, they don’t have Vegemite. “I found 15 tiny jars in one country, bought five of them for $15 each and ate two with a spoon straight away,” he said yesterday.


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