Arthur Gorrie
Arthur Gorrie

Ali – my part in his brilliant career

THE thing I hate about sport is that I know so little about it.

I can't even remember names well enough to keep up with your average water cooler discussion.

I can remember some names, of course - Muhammad Ali, for example, and Tony Madigan, the Australian boxer who fought him at the Rome Olympics (I think) and was robbed (some say).

I know of Madigan because he happens to be a friend of my uncle.

And, of course, Wally Lewis, Artie Beetson, Mal Meninga (but I am not sure if I have spelled them correctly).

Oh yes, Darren Lockyer.

I can almost recall the names of some cricket players too, but I would need a little prompting and there is not much of that in winter.

We have some tennis players too, I believe, but I only notice the Russians and then only the females (and I can't spell their names at all).

Of course, I can also remember Darren Obah because, the last time I was fit, it was because of training at his boxercise classes at Maroochydore.

But somehow, one early am, the thought of driving to Maroochydore for a 6am start and then back to Gympie to work just seemed too hard.

And then it didn't get any easier and then it had been so long I forgot where my gloves were. And my irregular attendance meant I was always starting again.

Eventually, I bought a bicycle and set about riding it every morning.

This worked well, because it is a lot more fun and has a lot less impact on the joints.

Then came solid rain for ages and I thought, maybe on the fine days.

Then came winter and it is almost always too dark to ride before work, if I am also to get ready and arrive on time. I have managed to ride on days off when it's fine.

One of the things I do enjoy is reading this column, mostly when it is written by someone else, like Craig Warhurst. But nothing was ticking him off this week. So I guess it was up to me, whatever my name is.

Some say I couldn't write my own name. So help me with the spelling if you can.

Good week

Great to see a great day of racing at Gympie at the weekend, despite the rain a full card of racing was held and plenty of punters turned up.

Bad week

Gympie Devils new recruit Ben Jones out with concussion. The former NRL player is out after just one game for the Devils.

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