Alcohol ban for gatecrasher

A DAGUN man who tried his best to gatecrash a private party held at a Gympie hotel on April 23 has been ordered not to drink alcohol when in a licensed premises for the next nine months.

With a “long history” of alcohol-fuelled offences, Jamie Peter Le Strange, 24, was in Gympie Magistrates Court on new charges of failing to leave a licensed premises and committing a public nuisance.

The court heard Le Strange had tried to attend a party in the upstairs function room of the Freemasons Hotel and was asked to leave but refused, forcing the host to ring police.

Officers found Le Strange climbing the stairs to the function room and moved him on but he walked out onto the street and yelled up at the patrons on the veranda. He tried to walk up the stairs again and was arrested.

When asked why, Le Strange said he “kept drinking and didn’t think of the consequences”.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said Le Strange had nothing on his record except for alcohol-fuelled offences.

“Not only are you going and getting drunk, but you’re causing disturbances and ruining it for other people,” she said. “If you want to get drunk as a skunk at home that’s your business (but I’m going to) stop you going to licensed premises and causing trouble.”

Le Strange was placed on probation for nine months with the alcohol condition.

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