Shock jock Alan Jones has beef with $80m meatworks

OUTSPOKEN Sydney-based radio broadcaster Alan Jones has weighed in on the debate about a proposed meat processing facility on Toowoomba's western outskirts.

He took to the airways this morning to claim the abattoir would be run by Chinese and that "noxious and offensive odours" would affect residents as far away as Toowoomba. This despite those claims being rejected by developers the day before.

Mr Jones said he believed people in Toowoomba had no franchise and had been abandoned.

"I go back to these poor people in Tooowomba, they just cop it and they've got to take it, and people are writing to me that democracy just doesn't exist," Mr Jones said.

"If it's not Mr Wagner in Toowoomba it's Mr Gardener," he said.

Mr Jones said it was believed that the final owners of the project would be Chinese investors.

"This will be part of a full Chinese integrated paddock to plate process. The Chinese will own the farms, the trucking companies, the meatworks and they'll most probably be staffed by their own 457 workers brought in from China. And meat will be flown back to China from the nearby, you guessed it, the Wagner airport.

Mr Jones' comments were made despite FKG group manager of property development Dallas Hunter categorically denying any link to Chinese companies in an online article published by The Chronicle yesterday and in print today.

He also claimed noxiuos odours would not be contained within the required buffer zone due to high winds and that any tallow would be able to be smelled for 20km.

What the proposed plant could look like.
What the proposed plant could look like. Contributed

"This noxious and offensive smell will affect residents in Gowrie Junctions, Highfields and the Toowoomba regions," Mr Jones stated.

This claim was also refuted by Mr Hunter who said the state-of-the-art facility would have virtually no external impacts.

Mr Jones said anyone within a 20km radius should urgently object to the plan.

The broadcaster said he doubted the people of Toowoomba knew there was to be a "massive meatworks to be built in the Charlton industrial zone" by FK Gardener.

"Where is the Toowoomba Chronicle in all of this?" he asked.

But Mr Jones seemed to have conveniently forgotten that The Chronicle broke the story on March 31 and ABC News also reported the story on April 22.

The Chronicle also published a story yesterday outlining the complaints of those opposed to the project and a response by the proponents.

Mr Jones also alluded to secret meetings between the developer and council.

Mayor Paul Antonio denied anything untoward and said due process was being followed.

"I await the recommendation of our planning staff," he said.

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