AICM taking you back to skool

GETTING up on stage, singing and playing your heart out to an audience is the dream of every young, budding musician.

Rockskool, an initiative of the Australian Institute of Country Music in Gympie, is helping young people live the dream, bringing them together in bands that generate real, live experience in the music industry.

AICM's Rockskool began over 15 years ago, as an avenue to generate work experience for students wanting to learn about being in the music business, and over the years has played a key role in the musical and performance development of a number of local stars who have achieved great success in the industry and more who are well on their way.

This year performers are delighted to be entertaining the crowds at the Gympie Show, with a great line up of solos, duos and bands, playing a selection of contemporary, country and rock music.

Performers will include Earthbound, Real Steel, Dan & Brooklyn, Lotus and Jaimie.


Earthbound formed early in 2016, the band members, Sophie, Lotus and Jaimie have all come from different musical backgrounds, which they have blended together to create a fresh modern/country rock sound.


Real Steel formed in 2016 and have been performing with the Rockskool program regularly at local gigs, events and open mic nights. The group's music style is primarily rock but they love to play a mixture, with an added emphasis of pop rock, blues and rock n roll. Comprised of four members Jaimie (Vocals), Saul (Bass), Travis (Lead Guitar) and Damian (Drums) all have been performing and playing music for more than five years and love rocking it out onstage as a band.


Dan & Brooklyn began their duo when they met at The Muster. His impressive guitar work and her captivating voice are a match made to be heard. Perfect at a Sunday session, they throw their own twist on music and can provide anything from soft background noise, to the in your face rock'n'roll classics.


Lotus is a talented 12 year old singer/guitarist who performs solo and is a member of Gympie band Earthbound.


Jaimie is a young, local, up and coming female artist who can rock out in a band or be just as entertaining as a solo artist. Jaimie loves all types of music and enjoys playing a mixture of songs from all genres and eras.

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