Ads in school zones put kids at risk: letter

School zones should be advertisement free, says this letter writer.
School zones should be advertisement free, says this letter writer. David Nielsen



I NOTED earlier this week that interest is afoot in regard to lowering speed limits from 50kmh to 40kmh for pedestrian safety.

Maybe if we are looking at child and pedestrian safety, your paper might put this question forward to your readers for comments: should advertising materials be permitted by authorities to be displayed within 40kmh school zones?

I am of the belief that the legally reduced speed limit in these 40kmh school zones is to ensure drivers give their full attention to the road and conditions, so as to react in a safe manner without causing injury, death or damage to property.

How can the respective authorities (police, TMR, local councils and school P&C committees) not recognise the increased risk of injury, death or damage to property occurring by allowing these advertising distractions to be visible to drivers within in school zone areas?

Might be time we all do something positive towards child and pedestrian safety.




THERE has been a lot of publicity surrounding a Facebook page and a petition critical of Gympie Regional Council and the reactions of the council to this Facebook page.

Firstly, who ever got the bright idea to issue a solicitor's letter demanding the removal of the page because it gave offence in their opinion must have rocks in their head. All that has achieved is to give credence to the perception that there is within council a culture of bullying.

From what I have observed I would ask Kathy Little Walker to dispel my concerns, some of which are:

1. Positive comments posted on the website that are expressing ideas that are contrary to the purpose of its promoters are quickly taken down. That is not how an open forum works.

2. Some weeks ago The Gympie Times gave the front page over to the forum and seemed to be promoting it, as is their prerogative. Ergo, one would expect a significant increase in member numbers over that weekend. However these numbers sat at 1386 until 10am on the following Monday when out of the blue the numbers shot up to 1410. Again, the next morning and again at 10am another 13 members turned up. This smacks of website manipulation to me.

3. People listed as members of the website who are not in Gympie currently, have never even looked at the site until recently and yet find themselves listed as members.

4. Vilification of those who you perceive to be "against” your cause on Facebook and by email. Just not on and why is it condoned?

Having said that I also think that our council is in serious need of a recalibration on the concept of open and accountable governance.



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