Accused take out bad mood on cars

CAR trouble took on a new meaning for a Gympie man and a Cooloola Cove woman this week when they pleaded guilty to separate attacks on other people's cars.

An ongoing dispute with another woman got out of control for 18-year-old Sherena Amy Higgins on April 20, when she jumped out of a car at the traffic lights at Centro Way and kicked and scratched the other woman's car.

The two women had been fighting since high school.

Higgins dented the rear passenger door of the other car, causing more than $1000 in damage, for which she was this week ordered to pay restitution.

"Me and this girl have a previous history of fighting," she told Gympie Magistrates Court.

"This was not a very good night. She was laughing and carrying on and I got angry."

Higgins was placed on nine months good behaviour for unlawful damage of a car.

Labourer Tyson Lyle Peter Webb, 23, smashed in the front windscreen, headlights and driver's side window of a Commodore in Watt St on April 20, jumped on the bonnet and kicked in the car's side panels.

When the owner of the car knocked on his door, he came out holding a monkey wrench.

The next morning, when Gympie police went to speak to him, Webb walked back into his garage and ordered his two dogs to attack them, the court heard.

When police tried to grab him he resisted, lacerating his finger.

Webb said he had recently changed his anger management medication and had got drunk that night.

He was convicted of wilful damage, obstructing police and being a public nuisance.

Webb was placed on six months probation and given 40 hours community service.

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