Abuse written in blood

A MAN who swore abuse at police and later wrote that abuse in blood and saliva in his cell, was fined $1000 and ordered to complete 40 hours community service when he appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court.

James William Jeffcoat, 23, of Fairway Dve, Gympie, pleaded guilty to creating a public nuisance and wilful damage on February 12.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Lisa Manns said Jeffcoat had also bit the stitching from a blanket and tore strips from it.

Snr Const Manns asked for a "quite significant fine" as a deterrent, adding that "someone else had the pleasant job of cleaning up the blood and saliva" and "police have an undesirable job at the best of times".

Duty solicitor Claire Braithwaite said her client had ripped the blanket to use as a tourniquet and he was frustrated with police because he had his $12,000 bike stolen and when he heard from a third party where the bike was, police told him they could not issue a search warrant based on hearsay.

She said Jeffcoat was hoping to go to Canada in a few months for work and asked that no conviction be recorded against him.

The court heard Jeffcoat has two previous public nuisance offences but Ms Braithwaite said her client "was 20 at the time and was now 24 and working".

"The defendant needs to realise he cannot behave any way he likes because he does not like the service," Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said.

"We live in a civilised community and there are ways to dealing with things and it's not by going out and smearing blood and saliva on a cell wall.

"What will he do if he treats the Canadian Mounties like that"?

No conviction was recorded against Jeffcoat "only because you've not been in court for three and a half years".

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