Tanya Hehir from Hash House Harriers loves the challenge of long distance running.
Tanya Hehir from Hash House Harriers loves the challenge of long distance running. Renee Pilcher

A race to the beer for rambunctious Gympie runners

Q. Welcome to one on one Tanya. As a Hash House Harrier I believe you should be referred to as Band Aid, why's that?

A. After a few weeks of being a member of Gympie HHH, you are given a "Hash" name, which is used from then on.

When I first started running with Gympie HHH I went with a school friend and my father, "Aids", was already a member.

My friend and I would always run together, so with a combination of our synchronised running and my father's existing Hash name, my name "Band Aid" and my friend's name "Savlon" were created.


Q. How long have you been running with the Hash House Harriers?

A. I ran my first year with Gympie HHH in 1992. I then took an extended break until 2012 when I again rejoined the club.


Q. Why did you join up again?

A. I enjoy running and I enjoy talking to people. Hash gives you a good mix of both.


Q. How do the club runs work?

A. There is a different venue each week to run from.

A member nominates themself to set the run and you finish the run where you begin.

The person who sets the run for that week is known as the "Hare".


Q. What's fun about running as part of the club?

A. It is an outing once a week where you can be yourself, have fun, a chat and run at your own pace.

I love that the club accommodates all levels of fitness, both runners and walkers, male or female.

You are always assured of a good laugh, harmless banter, drinks and dinner.

It is a friendly atmosphere with great members.


Q. What's your role within the club?

A. I am the current Grand Master. Apparently I am the first female in approximately 20 years to hold the position.

I feel I have been granted one of the highest honours of Hash to be elected as their GM and for this I am most grateful.


Q. How long have you been a runner for?

A. About four years.


Q. How far do you run?

A. With Hash, the runs vary in length although usually somewhere between 6-8km.

When I run by myself I aim for somewhere between 6-10km.


Q. Are you a marathon runner?

A. I did compete in my first (and possibly last) marathon in August last year.

The marathon was the hardest thing physically and mentally I have ever done.

Running for four hours and five minutes took its toll.


Q. Do you push through in the rain?

A. If I had planned a run by myself, I would probably choose to stay in bed.

HHH run rain, hail or shine. Sometimes the rain is refreshing!


Q. Do you have time for anything else?

A. I have a husband and two children aged six and four.


Q. What's the message for people interested in joining the Harriers?

A. Just give it a go. You won't know if you enjoy it unless you come along and try.

We currently have members aged from 15 through to those in their 60s.

It costs $5 per run, which includes dinner. Beer and soft drink can also be purchased at a minimal cost.


>> For more information phone Band Aid on 0488 320 612 or Pain in the Glass on 0409 642 847 or go online to hhh.asn.au.



Name: Tanya "Band Aid" Hehir

Age: 35

Born: Gympie

Favourite food: Chocolate and Coke

Favourite TV program: Home and Away

Favourite actor: Matt Damon

Motto: I don't always feel like running, but I always love the feeling when I have done it.

Sport you would play if not running: Horse riding

Running shorts or lycra leggings: Shorts

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