Drunk fined for urinating while being arrested

A DRUNK and arrogant Toowoomba man had been given the opportunity by police to simply go home but when he didn't and was arrested, he urinated in front of the officers, the city's Magistrates Court was told yesterday.

Darren John Rankin, 34, had been evicted from The Vault but remained outside the Ruthven St club harassing other people.

Police called to the disturbance outside the club just after midnight, September 20, took up with Rankin.

Eventually police gave him a "move on" direction, ordering him to leave and stay out of the CBD area for the next six hours, police prosecutor Senior Constable Tim Hutton told the court.

The police then left the area but were called back about 20 minutes later to find Rankin still outside The Vault and causing a public nuisance.

Told he was under arrest, police took hold of Rankin who then turned away from the officers toward a wall, unzipped his fly and urinated on the footpath in front of them, Snr Const. Hutton said.

Rankin pleaded guilty to urinating in a public place, committing a public nuisance in the vicinity of a licensed premises and contravening a police direction.

His solicitor Shane MacDonald told the court his client was drunk at the time and ultimately spent the rest of the night in the custody of the watch house.

Magistrate Trevor Black told Rankin that police had initially tried to avoid taking him into custody and had given him the opportunity to go home.

"I have to form the impression that you were being arrogant," Mr Black told him.

Telling Rankin police had a difficult enough job to do as it was, Mr Black convicted and fined him $600.


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