Sleeping couple flung out the back of stolen ute

A COUPLE who were sleeping off the effects of a day at the races got the wake up call of their lives when the ute they were sleeping in was targeted by thieves.

The couple had parked their red Holden Commodore ute near the intersection of Bagot St and Blaxland Rd in Dalby before heading off to the nearby race track for the social event of the year - the running of the Dalby Cup.

It was after returning to the ute several hours later to turn in for the night their trouble started.

The couple decided to hop into the back of the ute with their swag to rest their weary heads.

It was during the wee hours of yesterday morning thieves targeted the ute unaware there was a couple asleep in its tray.

The thieves managed to break into the ute before taking off at breakneck speed sending the sleeping couple flying out the back.

Dalby police sergeant Dave Tierney said it was one of the more unusual jobs he had attended during his time as a police officer.

"It was definitely an unusual job," Sgt. Tierney said.

"The couple were sleeping off a big day at the races.

"It was definitely a rude awaking for them irrespective of the fact it happened at 4am," he said.

Sgt. Tierney said the stunned couple still could not believe at how events had unfolded.

"They were definitely a bit shocked by the whole situation," he said.

"The thieves took off at speed sending the couple flying out the back onto the road.

"The woman sustained a minor neck injury as a result.

"If you saw it happen in the movies you would probably not believe it."

Sgt Tierney said police investigations were continuing.

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