Good Samaritan aids trapped driver

JUST one year after he tried to desperately save Samantha Yates’s life following a horror smash on Tin Can Bay Road, ex-army officer Ben Pullin has again used his medical skills to help after a serious crash at Federal yesterday.

The Cooloola Cove resident happened to be driving past the scene of the smash at Black Mountain yesterday shortly before 7am, which left a young Brisbane man’s Ford Falcon wrapped around a tree.

The driver, 18, was severely trapped in the wreckage of his vehicle and had to be cut out by firefighters.

He was taken to hospital with leg, arm and head injuries but was in a stable condition.

A year ago, Mr Pullin was driving along Tin Can Bay Road when a fully loaded timber truck drove over the top of Laura Milner’s Daewoo, killing her instantly and later claiming the life Ms Yates.

Mr Pullin’s army training kicked in when he saw the Daewoo with its roof crumpled and he jumped in the back to try and keep Samantha alive.

He was again reminded of the tragedy when he was the first to stumble across yesterday’s crash scene while on his way to the airport.

This time he has ripped pants and a cut on his knee from the twisted metal as a reminder - he’s had enough of coming across car wrecks he says.

“The tree was protruding across his legs; I hopped in the back to help,” he said.

“I feel sorry for the guy, but the crash was preventable... People need to take more care in wet conditions.”

Early reports suggested the driver involved in yesterday’s crash had tried to overtake a car minutes before he lost control in the wet.

“I saw people running so I turned around and pulled up,” Mr Pullen said and added that coming across this sort of carnage was “getting old” even with the relief that no one else was hurt.

Begging for people to take more care on the roads, Mr Pullin wanted to get the message across that people’s actions while driving affected more than just those directly involved.

Including families, those that saw the incident unfold or helped with the resulting trauma.

“Drivers need to think more. I don’t know what the answer is,” he said.

Mr Pullin said this time the driver was ok, but one fatal was one too many.

The Bruce Highway was closed for just over two hours yesterday after the crash until the road was cleared.

It was understood the car veered off the Bruce Highway and into a tree at Black Mountain around 6.45am.


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