Science film fest a must

The CSIRO Scinema Festival of Science Film is coming to Gympie Library next week.

The festival is celebrated at a range of community and educational venues across Australia from August 14-22, and Gympie Library will participate by showing a collection of films in the foyer during the week.

The films cover a wide variety of topics including space exploration, the world of distant planets, the environment on Earth, human biology, physical and chemical structures, soils and geology.

Scinema is a highlight of National Science Week which allows filmmakers to have their work seen by a national audience.

The theme this year is the United Nations’ International Year of Biodiversity.

Festival director Cris Kennedy said the International Year of Biodiversity focus had provided filmmakers with a huge platform to work with.

He said this year’s entries had been extra creative and fascinating.

Scinema 2010 received more than 400 entries from 35 countries across five different categories: National Student Short Film Competition, International Open Film, Short Film, Television Series, and Animation/Experimental.

The best entries will be screened in programs which include Space Scinema, Healthy Scinema, Civilised Scinema, Environment Warriors, Environmental Challenges, Elemental Scinema, and Young Scinema.

As well as far off galaxies and far-flung corners of the world, audiences will be treated to magnificent screen images of the breathtaking drama, beauty and oddity of Australia’s biodiversity.

Mr Kennedy said raising the public level of science literacy was the major impetus behind Scinema.

For more information call into Gympie Library, 8-14 Mellor Street or phone 5481 0859.

You can also visit the library website at or go straight to the Scinema website at

With more than 1000 events across the nationNational Science Week is now Australia’s largest national festival. Details of other events for the week of August 14-22 can be found at

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