9 Gympie nights out that went horribly wrong. Picture: File
9 Gympie nights out that went horribly wrong. Picture: File

8 Gympie nights out that went horribly wrong

From drunken assaults to being found with drugs on the dancefloor, Gympie has had its fair share of night outs that have ended in disaster.

Here’s the most significant nine incidents that involved Gympie region locals and took place at pubs and clubs.

1. Gympie dad busted with cocaine, ecstasy in nightclub

A young Gympie dad busted with $300 of cocaine and ecstasy at a popular nightclub in Maroochydore was on parole for assault at the time, a Gympie court heard.

At 1am on March 21, security guards from The Post Office Bar on Ocean Street detained Aiden Kalem Dyett Dolling, 24, and approached police who were patrolling the safe night precinct.

Aiden Dyett Dolling. Picture: File
Aiden Dyett Dolling. Picture: File

The guards gave police Dyett Dolling’s licence and two clip seal bags they had found on him, one containing cocaine and one with a broken orange pill, which Dyett Dolling said was ecstasy.

Dyett Dolling, who was 23 at the time, had purchased the drugs for $300 before heading to Ocean Street, the court heard.

He pleaded guilty to unlawfully possessing cocaine and unlawfully possessing ecstasy.

Magistrate Callaghan considered Dyett Dolling’s attempts to work out his drug problem, and said he had no drug-related history, and fined him $600.


2. Man pocketed MDMA capsule found on floor of Club 88

A man who picked up an MDMA capsule from the floor of Gympie nightclub Club 88 and put it in his wallet pleaded guilty to possession in Gympie Magistrates Court this week.

Zachary Stephen Mclean, 23, was charged on March 8 when police searched him as he left Club 88 around 2:30 in the morning.

Zachary Mclean. Picture: File
Zachary Mclean. Picture: File

The police prosecutor said police searched him when they saw him leave and found the ecstasy capsule in his wallet.

Mclean told them he did not know why he put it there after finding it on the ground.

Mclean was fined $200, with no conviction recorded.


3. Drunk mechanic attacks vending machine with sledgehammer 

A Cooloola Cove man who tried to “have a conversation” with a vending machine before smashing it with a sledgehammer was fined $400 in Gympie Magistrates Court.

Piriniha Te Whenua Kelly, 41, pleaded guilty to wilfully damaging property at Rainbow Beach Car Wash on October 19 last year.

Police prosecutor Lisa Manns said CCTV footage showed an intoxicated Kelly approach a vending machine at the car wash, “have a conversation with it”, and then kick and punch it before leaving.

He later returned with a sledgehammer and smashed the vending machine with the sledgehammer, causing $391 of damage, the court heard.


Defence lawyer Chris Anderson said Kelly remembered playing music and drinking at a friend‘s party, going to a pub and drinking a significant amount.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan fined Kelly $400.


4. Man hands himself in over alleged Gympie glassing

A Sunshine Coast man has handed himself into police after seeing a video circulating online of an alleged serious assault at a Gympie hotel.

The 30-year-old Peregian Springs man went to the Maroochydore Police Station where he was charged with grievous bodily harm over the attack that happened in the early hours of last Sunday.

Police allege a 23-year-old Gympie man was in the smoking area at the back of the hotel just after midnight when another man struck him in the face with a glass, knocking him unconscious.

The man then punched the victim several times in the head, fracturing his cheekbone, police will allege.

The accused appeared at Maroochydore Magistrates Court on March 23.


5. Club 88 assault on woman lands young father in court

A Beenaam Valley father who pushed a woman into a table at a nightclub has avoided more serious punishment after it emerged the story the victim told police differed to what happened.

Jacob Liam Day, 27, pleaded guilty in Gympie Magistrates Court to unlawfully assaulting the woman at Club 88 in the CBD, early in the morning of New Year’s Day.

Gympie Magistrates Court.
Gympie Magistrates Court.

Police prosecutor Lisa Manns told the court the woman told them Day approached her while she was sitting at a table at the club calling her a “piece of s---”.

However CCTV footage revealed a different story.

It showed Day walked straight past the table, and it was the victim who began to yell at Day, leaving the table and following him, before Day pushed her over.

Day was fined $200 and no conviction was recorded.


6. Single mum’s night out goes badly wrong: Gympie court

A young Southside mum’s first night out “in about four years” ended disastrously with assault charges that brought her to Gympie Magistrates Court in January.

Tiffany Jean Bouveng, 23, pleaded guilty to assaulting one person and attempting to assault another on November 30 in Gympie.

The night went wrong when Bouveng saw her two victims at a CBD nightclub, ran over and attempted to punch the woman, prompting the male to attempt to block her punch.

She punched him, causing him to fall onto a table.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan said Bouveng had been unrepentant on the night, but said her guilty plea seemed to indicate she now regretted her actions.

He fined her $400 with no conviction recorded.


7. NYE turns nasty when Gympie man throws elbow in club attack

An unprovoked New Year’s morning assault at a popular Gympie night spot has left the assailant much worse for wear in court.


Sherrif Quentin Wade-Esquivel, 24, was at Club 88 at around 12.25am on January 1 when he threw an elbow at the victim and connected with his left cheek, the Gympie Magistrates Court heard this week.

Prosecuting Sergeant Lisa Manns said Wade-Esquivel raised his right elbow, swung it out and down away from his body and struck the victim on his left cheek as the latter walked past, causing immediate pain.

Police found Wade-Esquivel on January 7, when he admitted to the assault and said it happened as a result of “bad blood” between the victim and a friend of his.

Wade-Esquivel pleaded guilty to unlawful assault causing bodily harm and was fined $600.


8: Assault outside Gympie pub

A man was allegedly hit in the face after a dispute outside a Gympie pub just after midnight.

Paramedics and police rushed to the scene on Woolgar Road, Southside, just 200 metres down the road from the Jockey Club Hotel.

The man was taken to the Gympie Hospital in a stable condition after an alleged assault, a Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman said.


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