60 Minutes crew turn on each other in jail

AS they await trial in a Lebanese jail the 60 Minutes crew accused of colluding with Brisbane mother Sally Faulker to kidnap her two children have begun to turn on each other.

First off the "child recovery expert" who worked with the team, Adam Whittington, has told News Corp Australia that he can produce receipts which prove he was paid by Channel Nine to carry out the ill-fated snatch. 

 "I have the receipts and internet payments; for [Channel Nine] to claim they weren't involved is a joke," he said from behind a door at Baabda detention centre. 

The statement could prove damaging for the 60 Minutes crew as a direct payment to Mr Whittington makes the group a criminal enterprise and means they all have equal criminal liability for what happened. 

If Channel Nine had only paid Ms Faulkner they may ave been able to plead they had no knowledge of what she was planning. 

All of the defendant's will have the chance to apply for bail about 5pm AEST. 

One of the reporters on the ground Channel Nine's Europe correspondent Tom Steinfort told the Today Show Ms Faulkner may get bail but the 60 Minutes were unlikely to be released. 

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