Most imrpoved NAPLAN school
Most imrpoved NAPLAN school

5 year NAPLAN trend: How every Gympie region school performed

AN INDEPENDENT analysis of five years of NAPLAN results has revealed the Gympie region schools that performed the best in the Year 5 and Year 9 tests between 2015 and 2019.

Over that five-year period, Kin Kin State School, in Kin Kin, had higher Year 5 yearly results than any other school in the state, scoring an average of 2489.4 each year.

The top performing Year 9 school was Cooloola Christian College, in Gympie, where the average yearly result was 2859.2 for the five years.

To find how each school performed between 2015 and 2019, their average scores for each year were combined and the yearly average found.

Special schools, schools with fewer than 20 students enrolled in either year, and schools that did not report any results for NAPLAN subjects in either year were excluded from the analysis.

The figures were independently compiled from the Federal Government’s MySchool website.

That revealed Rainbow Beach State School, in Rainbow Beach, had the second highest results for Year 5s over that period, with a yearly average of 2478.2.

The third best performing Year 5 school was St Patrick’s Primary School, in Gympie, with five yearly average results of 2462.8.

The second-best performing Year 9 results were at St Patrick’s College, in Gympie, where yearly results were 2478.2.

James Nash State High School, in Gympie, had the third highest average results between 2015 and 2019 with averages of 2819.0.

CCC principal Trevor Norman attributed his school’s outstanding results to a strong collaborative effort and to the school’s focus on developing essential literacy and numeracy skills.

“We are incredibly proud of our teachers and students for achieving these excellent NAPLAN results,” he said.

“These results are also a demonstration of the strong collaborative effort from parents and families who support and partner with us to help every student achieve their best.

“Our students have consistently performed well in NAPLAN testing over many years thanks to our dedicated teachers who focus on developing essential literacy and numeracy skills, while developing a genuine love of learning with each student.

“We are committed to achieving great results and outcomes for our students, and this is made possible through the incredible community of students, teachers and families we have here at Cooloola Christian College.

Gympie’s 10 best performing Year 5 schools between 2015 and 2019

Kin Kin State School: 2489.4

Rainbow Beach State School: 2478.2

St Patrick’s Primary School: 2462.8

Cooloola Christian College: 2461.4

Jones Hill State School: 2428.6

Gympie East State School: 2421.8

Gympie South State School: 2399.8

Gympie Central State School: 2389.4

Gympie West State School: 2386.0

Two Mile State School: 2360.4

Gympie’s 10 best performing Year 9 schools between 2015 and 2019

Cooloola Christian College: 2859.2

St Patrick’s College: 2853.0

James Nash State High School: 2819.0

Victory College: 2796.2

Mary Valley State College: 2724.0

Gympie State High School: 2721.6

Tin Can Bay State School: 2605.6

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