30 reasons you know you grew up in Gympie...

YOU can tell you grew up in Gympie when going to look at the flood water around town was almost as fun as Christmas, climbing up mullock heaps bare foot was not a safety concern and all the day-old bread in the house was used to keep the ducks happy at the Duckponds.

You also know what and where Ronnie's Ring was and how to follow directions that included the 'Pineapple Lights' and the Gold Nugget.

As a kid you braved the slide at the Memorial Pool (climbing up the narrow slippery steps before hurtling towards the pool at the bottom), played on all sorts of questionably fast, burning hot from the sun playground equipment and road a bike the speed of a car when it got going down any of Gympie's famous hills.

The highlights of your teen years were Friday nights at Skateland, trying to sneak your mates into the drive in at Monkland, doing laps of Mary St, grabbing a burger at The Green Door and walking the length of the love tunnel.

These are just some of the things etched in the memory of those raised in the gold city, but here's what some of the Gympie Times Facebook readers said when we asked them the question: You know you grew up in Gympie when:

1. Seeing soap suds, food colouring or even ducks and geese in the water at the Five Ways Roundabout was a way of telling how good the night before was.

2. You couldn't walk down Mary St without bumping into someone you knew on for a long chat

3. You went roller skating on Friday night, entering the 'speed skate' challenge if you dared or cementing your relationship if you held hands in the 'couple's skate'

4. You felt every groove in the water slide at the pool as you went hurtling down it on a thin little mat

5. You were invited by boys in shiny cars to do 'laps' of Mary St

6. Doubling your friend down one of Gympie's big hills was the scariest thing you did

A patron enjoying a skate at the old Gympie Skateland.
A patron enjoying a skate at the old Gympie Skateland. CONTRIBUTED

7. You thought Mr Goldberg was famous when you were in one of his musicals

8. Old locomotives were considered playground equipment in the park

9. It was cool to just to hang at the old five ways with a bunch of ya ratbag mates

10. You had to look both way to cross Mary St

11. Golden Nugget butter, made at the Wide Bay Cooperative Dairy, was on the kitchen table

12. The soap box derby carts were the most exciting thing about the gold rush parade

13. You listened to the wireless every hour during the floods and Harvey Buzacott would announce the latest river heights.

14. You did your grocery shopping in Mary St, with a stop at Patricks Cafe for lunch.

15. Your weekend was spent at the cabaret at the Northumberland on Friday night, at the Jockey Club on Saturday night and then at the morning session on Sunday at the Tatts

Gympie's long-lost landmark - the Big Pineapple - pictured here as an almost complete construction. Photo courtesy of David English and Gympie: The real treasure is the town FB page.
Gympie's long-lost landmark - the Big Pineapple - pictured here as an almost complete construction. Photo courtesy of David English and Gympie: The real treasure is the town FB page. Contributed

16. The closest thing you had to a trampoline was the wobbly brown bridge at the Duckponds that bounced when you walked across it

17. Twenty cents from your Nana in Kidgell St got you a big bag of lollies at the Mt Pleasant shop

18. Your parents drove you into town on Sunday night to make long distance phone calls from the pubic phones at the post office

19. You staggered from the Free to Mama Roses trying not to spill your jug of rum and coke

20. You ran from the Tatts beer garden when it was raided by the police

21. The big slippery slide at the duck ponds was the fastest ride around

22. The first movie you saw at the Sovereign Cinema was Jurassic Park

23. You went to Mary St on a Friday or Saturday night and motorbikes were lined up all the way down it

24. It cost one penny to to get on the huge weigh in scales at the Park gates

25. You hear the name 'Ron's Ring' and know exactly what it is

26. A burger and milkshake at the green door really hit the spot

27. Widgee Crossing was a swimming attraction

28. Choys milkshakes and Tom Condies Pies were a staple

29. When you'd lose track counting the pubs from the Free to The Aussie

30. You went yabbying in the gully near James Nash High School before there was a James Nash High School

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