15 vodka sunrises to blame for nightclub fight

IT WAS after 15 vodka sunrises that Casey Cant assaulted another woman outside the Club Hotel Motel.

About 1.30am Saturday, September 8, Cant got involved in a verbal altercation with another woman inside the Zone's smoking area.

After both parties were escorted off the grounds by security guards, Cant walked to her victim, lunging at her and pushing her, launching a physical altercation.

The case was heard in Roma Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

"They were pulling each other's hair and punching each other," police prosecutor Heather Whiting said.

"Security pulled the defendant off the victim as she yelled 'let me go'."

Security continued to keep the pair separate before police arrived.

The court heard Cant had caused injuries to her victim which included two bald patches on her head, abrasions to both her arms, bruising, and pain in her fingers.

Cant gave an electronic recorded interview at Roma Police Station on October 15, however she couldn't remember all the details considering the amount of time that had passed between the incident and the interview.

Cant has historical assault occasioning in bodily harm and public nuisance charges, however had not appeared in Roma Magistrates Court since 2013.

Cant's solicitor Laurie Parker, told the court Cant had become involved in a situation she should have stayed out of.

"My client's friend was pushed by the victim's friend. She told her victim she couldn't push people, and the victim then got in my client's face," Mr Parker said.

"The victim then punched her as Ms Cant pushed her back.

"This is a situation where you are best to walk away and not to get involved, she was trying to defuse a situation."

Mr Parker told the court Cant had been drinking vodka sunrises since 6pm the previous night.

Magistrate Blanch told Cant her behaviour that night had been abhorrent.

"If you can't handle your grog, don't drink," he said.

"The community shouldn't have to put up with that type of behaviour. I'm sick of people committing these types of offences."

Cant was ordered to carry out 150 hours of community service and serve an 18 month probation. No conviction was recorded.

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