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Some of the awesome Veterinary Nurses at Gympie Vets . L-R Barb, Dianna, Leanne Front Jenny and Annette.  Picture by Eye-candy.
Some of the awesome Veterinary Nurses at Gympie Vets . L-R Barb, Dianna, Leanne Front Jenny and Annette. Picture by Eye-candy.
When you think of a nurse, what do you think of? The traditional white nurses uniform with the red cross on it? (They don’t dress that way anymore, in fact, we’re not certain they ever did) What about the man or woman wearing the scrubs running around the hospital taking your vitals? There are other nurses that aren’t often considered, and Vet Nurse Day reminds us to take some time to remember and thank those men and women who work to take care of those precious furred, feathered, and scaled members of our families.

History of Vet Nurse Day
Veterinary Nurse Day is an initiative of the VNCA (Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia) to raise awareness of those men and women who work alongside the veterinarians every day to help heal, comfort, and protect our pets. Whether they’re working in the field on large animals like horses and cattle, or carefully handling the smallest of pets like mice or lizards, they’re a vitally important part of the care our pets receive. So what exactly does a veterinary nurse do?
Veterinary nurses are your often your first contact in the office when it comes time for care, they speak to you about what issues are facing your pets, and help to prepare them for treatment, keeping them calm and comfortable.

When your pet has to stay at the facility, the Vet Nurse is the one who makes sure their bandages are changed, they’re fed and watered, and that they get a little time spent with love and attention so they aren’t lonely during their stay. Even more importantly, they work with the vet during the operations to make sure that everything goes smoothly. In short, they’re just as important to your pet’s welfare and happiness during treatment as the vet themselves! That’s why Vet Nurse Day was established to celebrate and thank these incredible members of your veterinary staff.
So if you should be in a veterinary clinic on Friday ; be sure to thank the Veterinary Nurses - the backbone and the unsung hero of the veterinarian profession.

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