LIVING HISTORY: Times change, but some things stay the same. Little sisters (from left) Claire, Gracie and Lilly Diggins ride their horse home from school once a week, just as many Kin Kin State School students have done over the past 100 years.
LIVING HISTORY: Times change, but some things stay the same. Little sisters (from left) Claire, Gracie and Lilly Diggins ride their horse home from school once a week, just as many Kin Kin State School students have done over the past 100 years.

100 reasons to celebrate the 'real' Kin Kin

Kin Kin State School celebrates 100 years of education on Saturday, October 22. Today we bring you principal Trent Shaw's contribution to Finding Our Identity, the centenary book produced to mark what is an impressive milestone for both the school and Kin Kin community.

"AS QUICK as I was informed of having an opportunity to undertake the principal role at Kin Kin State School to begin the 2010 school year, I was also supplied with a warning perception of Kin Kin.

Be prepared for 'hippies' and 'cowboys' that dance to their own beat, they claimed.

However, I promptly acknowledged these claims were far removed from the real Kin Kin.

The parent body is a diverse yet passionate and committed group whom collaborate well together towards ensuring the school provides a learning experience that reflects the life they hold dear.

Simply put, they want their children to enjoy life and achieve success, whatever that may look like, without the detriment of place or others.

And I must say, the P&C has always upheld its responsibility well to achieve the common goal of the entire parent body.

Hence, I am grateful of their effort especially the two presidents during my tenure - Leigh Munday and Anita Poteri-Auckland.

The camaraderie amongst the parents naturally flows into the student body.

Their most evident and influential feature is family-like. They all support and encourage one another.

This is really appreciated when I have had to deal with matters or issues. They become good bystanders in providing honesty to ensure fair and just treatment.

In saying that, their family-like way is more appreciated when they have an opportunity to engage in authentic student-centred learning.

They work together extremely well across the year levels so they all enjoy and value the learning experience.

Therefore it will be remiss of me to not acknowledge the exemplary role models our students have had over the years. Thank you all leaders, especially the school captains.

Having a great student and parent body makes the task at hand for staff much easier and more enjoyable.

That said, the accolades received by the school could not come to fruition if not for the high standard of staff the school has encountered over the years.

These days, stakes are high in providing an accountable yet contextualised learning environment for all students to prosper.

Fortunately, the team has always been up to the challenge because they also value the parents' common goal.

A major influence in the team's performance over the years stems from the core group of four who have consistently led the way in working together in the best interest of the students.

Michelle Smith, Harmony Rogers, Pam Stewart and Kearin Husband - I thank you very much.

The final layer to depict the real Kin Kin, in my eyes, is that of the local community.

History proves the school has prospered from the significant involvement of its local community and I know first-hand our current success could not have happened without this involvement.

In the early stages of our now award-winning Kitchen Garden Program, local members were avid supporters.

Fortunately, this support has remained a strong feature of the program's success.

So to those local members who have and still do demonstrate a strong desire to positively impact on our young community members, by supporting any aspect of school operations, we really appreciate it, although a huge appreciation must be expressed to Keith Gilbert. You're a true gem of a person.

Bringing all the layers together allows me to whole-heartedly claim that Kin Kin State School is a place to be and learn.

This view is held by the many visitors who enter our gate from different walks of life and from all corners of the globe.

That is why I am so appreciative and ever grateful for having the opportunity to be a member of this fabulous school community and wonderful local community.”


KIN Kin State School's centenary will be celebrated on Saturday, October 22.

The day will begin at the Kin Kin School of Arts Hall from 8am-10am for breakfast.

Then, between 10am and 2pm, the Kin Kin State School will host the next part of the day.

There will be the official opening of the Time Capsule, which was sealed 25 years ago, a museum display by the Noosa Museum, and tours of the school.

Friends can catch up for a chat about the old times at the Kin Kin Kid's Kookaburra Kafe, which will be open for light refreshments.

After 2pm, we can wander down to the Kin Kin Country Life Hotel for some more talks down "Memory Lane".

For more information, phone 54 854 168 or contact

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