Division 4 Cr Daryl Dodt - or should that be Division 4 Cr Dr Daryl Dodt?
Division 4 Cr Daryl Dodt - or should that be Division 4 Cr Dr Daryl Dodt?

10 Things Daryl Dodt Promised Before the Election

After a long and close count, new Gympie Regional Councillor Dr Daryl Dodt is the winner in Division 4, which takes in the city of Gympie itself.

Here are his responses to questions put to all candidates in the lead-up to the March 19 poll.

1.  Are you or have you ever been a member of any political party?

In short:  No and no.  Dr John Hibbig and Dr Kevin Smith, political scientists at the University of Nebraska have conducted a number of interesting studies, which indicate that political beliefs and political differences are hard wired into our genes.  I would rather make rational, unbiased, considered and independent decisions.

2.    Would you be prepared to register any donations made to your election campaign? If so please list those donations. Do you think all political candidates should reveal donations made to their campaigns by individuals or organisations?

Yes.  My wife and my family have donated their patience and time.  My children have donated their dad reading to them and playing music to them.  Anyone standing for public office should declare any possible bias, and donations made by individuals or organisations should always be declared.  I am self-funded.

3.    What do you see as the top priority for the incoming Gympie Regional Council?

Service and facility provision and upgrades including sporting and cultural facilities, health facilities and services, educational facilities from pre-prep to University level, affordable housing, road and infrastructure upgrading including minor roads and highways.   This is the bread and butter of council, and the reason it exists.  It's why they're there!

4.   What is the new council's second top priority issue?

Engagement and communication with stakeholders regarding current projects including the aquatic centre, Mary Valley Rattler, the Mary St Precinct, an hydrotherapy pool facility.  Even though transparency in decision-making is difficult, it should be a high priority.  Funding should be actively pursued and that funding made available in a considered manner.

5.   What is the new council's third top priority issue?

Actively promote/fund cultural events.  Support for the Civic Centre. Nights in Mary St and Nelson Reserve which have been fantastic.  Family involvement in Kids Day Out, Gold Rush, Pre-Muster, Tin Can Bay Seafood and fishing events, Rainbow Beach, Mary Valley festivals.   Support events, which actively promote our collective local identity.

6.  What do you think makes a good local councillor?

Love Gympie!  A local councillor should know what it is like to be a local, with a heartfelt desire to improve the quality of life of fellow locals.   A good councillor must draw ideas and innovations from far afield and bring them into our region for the benefit of all.  

7.  What facilities and services does the Gympie region need more of?

Health, Education, Culture, Infrastructure.  Access to quality specialist health care locally.  Access to quality weekend/after hours GP care.  Increasing access to tertiary study locally.  More and varied cultural events.  Better roads and public spaces.  Better value for money for each and every one of us.  Action toward a future vision.

8.  What is your position on the hydrotherapy pool?

OMG! What doctor would not agree with therapy that would benefit patients?  Asking about 'THE' hydrotherapy pool immediately suggests there is only one answer.  Creating an obstructive, placard waving political bandwagon from hydrotherapy needs of suffering patients is shameful.  My position on the 'THE' is consider all options.  Informed decisions!

9. What is your position on rates in this region?

Rates are always too high.  If I buy shoes and decide to pay more, I am satisfied if I get what I pay for. It's the same with rates.  If we get what we pay for we are satisfied.  I am for affordable rates reflecting value for money.   Spend wisely!

10.  What is your position on the authority of the CEO

The CEO is given authority through his contract with council.  If the CEO's actions constitute a breach of contract, he should be dismissed.  Want to dismiss a CEO who has not breeched contract?  Weigh up the gain against the cost to each ratepayer and impact on our rates, then decide!



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