Playful Pilot is one of many furry friends you can make at the Gympie RSPCA.
Playful Pilot is one of many furry friends you can make at the Gympie RSPCA. Contributed

10 furred and feathered friends waiting at the RSPCA

LOTS of lovely animals are looking for new homes at the Gympie RSPCA, and we have 10 of them right here.

1. Bently

Bently. Contributed

Age: 1 year

SHY to begin with, Bently is quick to warm up once he gets to know you.

If you're looking for a companion who will listen to you and watch your favourite TV show with then he's your man - low maintenance and easy going.

2. Calicoe

Calicoe. Contributed

Age: 1 year, 1 month

CALICOE is waiting for you to come and take her to her new forever home.

As sweet as they come, she is extremely affectionate and very soft natured.

Always up for a cuddle, she would be the perfect companion those cold winter mornings.

3. Carrie

Carrie. Contributed

Age: 1 year

CARRIE is a sweet but shy cat.

She is looking forward to going to her new forever home and being a great companion to the whoever is lucky enough to adopt her.

4. Ice

Ice. Contributed

Age: 1 year, 9 months

Breed: Great dane/german shorthaired pointer (mixed)

ICE is the coolest dog ever.

Laid back, he is looking for a new home with secure fencing to keep him safe so he doesn't end up in the lockup again.

He is a real gentle giant but if you have young kids he would like to meet them before you take him home.

He could be just what you have been waiting for.

5. Moana

Moana. Contributed

Age: 3 months

Breed: Bull arab/australian bulldog (mixed)

MOANA came into the animal care centre with her two sisters and they are all looking for new homes.

If you have time to train her and show her the wonders of the wide world, come and meet me and maybe I can become your forever friend.

6. Moses

Moses. Contributed.

Age: 10 months

MOSES is a beautiful black car looking for his new forever home.

His beautiful coat will need attention, but if you're looking for a new friend and happy to give him the occasional brush then he's the feline for you.

7. Pilot

Pilot. Contributed.

Age: 1 year, 6 months

YOUNG Pilot is looking for a new home.

He is a little shy with strangers but turns into a charming sweetheart once he gets to know you.

He will make a great companion for that special person who takes him home.

8. Ridge

Ridge. Contributed

Age: 1 year

Breed: American staffordshire bull terrier/rhodesian ridgeback (mixed)

AFFECTIONATE around people, Ridge is really missing being with a family to spend time with so he doesn't get lonely.

A home with good fencing would be best to keep him safe.

9. Rocket

Rocket. Contributed

Breed: Breed bantam rooster - pekin (mixed)

LITTLE Rocket is looking for a new home.

He would love to have lots of hens to take care of, so if you have room for him then he would be thrilled to go home with you.

10. Tigerlilly

Tigerlilly. Contributed

Age: 8 months

Breed: American staffordshire bull terrier/shar pei (mixed)

THIS active young lady wants to be your friend.

She loves to go for walks and chase the ball, even if she does sometimes forget to bring it back.

She'd love a home were I could be a part of the family, but have another dog she would love to meet them first.

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