22 May - 21 June

You could learn to be more practical on some level during this current transit of the Moon and Mars in your Sun sign. Your mind will be amenable to learning new techniques and methodologies which can give you the edge. Your keyword today is therefore openness. If you feel really strongly about something you don�t need to convince everyone else. You could run into obstructive people by pushing too hard. It�s a great time to spread your wings and see what�s possible in the industry you work in. You distinctively feel that now�s the right time to see what alternatives are available. Someone may make a legitimate commitment to you now.


22 June - 23 July

If you�re feeling dissatisfied with the status quo you�ll be compelled to break ties with people who are more conservative now. Be careful not to cut off friends just because they don�t think or act quite as progressively as you. You�re passionate about life but also want to learn more about psychological issues regarding relationships. Your ruler the Moon, is now in the company of Mars making you more responsive and perhaps even vocal about what it is that you want. These planets are transiting your 12th house of past experiences so it shows you are now learning about how to not make the same mistakes again.


24 July - 23 August

If you don�t want to waste time you must get real by being honest with your friends. Don�t dance around the maypole if you have an unpleasant statement to make even if it does hurt their feelings. You�ve got plenty of drive and energy today and it should be reasonably easy to channel. You can take a chance but don�t forget that once you do so you can�t look back. You might be resenting some of the pressure that�s being placed upon you only to find that it�s because of this that a breakthrough can be reached. You might find yourself in a competitive type of situation due to the combination of the Moon, Mars and Saturn.


24 August - 23 September

You may surprise yourself by taking a dive into something you otherwise thought impossible. This is a day of possibilities. It�s as if you need a multidimensional barometer to understand what others' motivations are today. With the right balance of reason and heart, you can come to the right conclusions. You may stumble upon a solution accidentally now. Often problems are solved in this way. Simply remain open to what the universe is throwing up just now. Friendships take on a new complexion with a shaking up producing some alternative results. A friend may not be as supportive as you thought.


24 September - 23 October

Right now you�re not going to get you the information you need to act. Explore other possibilities and ask for the facts before accepting what someone is saying to you. While Mercury transits your eighth house you have the perfect opportunity to skilfully ferret hidden facts. Otherwise, you�ll be dealing with ongoing trifles. If you have others working for you and this includes members of the family try simulating an incentive before setting it in stone. If people aren�t pulling their weight maybe an offer of a bonus in kind may do the trick. You are versatile enough to be able to leave a situation if it�s not comfortable.


24 October - 22 November

You need to nurture your emotional needs and if they are being met you may lash out at those whom you feel are not reciprocating. While the Moon and Mars combine in your eighth house of sexuality and deeper intimate issues these issues may start to surface and possibly unconsciously at that. This will be particularly so if you become habituated to suppressing your desires without any adequate course to creatively dovetailing those needs. The good news is that Mercury now transiting your seventh house of relationships gives you the perfect opportunity to address those issues and renegotiate the terms of your connection.


23 November - 22 December

You may feel exhausted with some the weird antics of co-workers. Other opportunities abound so give it your best shot. If you�re feeling trapped in a situation like a relationship or a workplace scenario you could become explosive. You need to travel, move about and connect with the new circle of people who can stimulate your current karmic needs. You�re keen on looking at how you can increase revenues particularly if you run a business of your own. Revamping your contracts and also protecting your intellectual property is important now. You may need to track down someone from your past with useful information.


23 December - 20 January

You have to make an independent judgment about someone at present as relying on others� opinions may cause you to falter. Have faith in your own perceptions especially when it comes to financial matters now. Your past karmic node is transiting your financial sector and so whatever good or bad decisions you�ve made in the past may now be swinging back around with the appropriate results. Be careful not to travel impulsively; you could later realise it was a mistake and a waste of time. Your financial situation may become somewhat extreme during this transit. You�re in the process of changing how you relate to money.


21 January - 19 February

You are more likely to achieve your goals today through purposeful action but need to avoid distractions of a social or romantic nature. You have a strong urge to educate yourself and study something unique. There may be a deepening attraction to psychological or detective novels. You may feel emotionally manipulated by someone however. Only you can allow or disallow this. Say no if necessary and that shouldn�t be too difficult with Mercury and Saturn in a favourable aspect. You are tired of superficial stories, people, and events. These things seem hollow today and you�ll look for something more inspirational.


20 February - 20 March

You may feel inexperienced in some way today but this is the perfect opportunity to learn, as long as you are open-minded about it. You need to discover your inner child rather than and creatively doing what and how you�ve been doing things in the past. Avoid a serious state of mind if at all possible. Remain playful. You can inspire your friend or lover to bigger and better things. With the assistance of Venus, this could even mean some positive financial remuneration for both of you. You don�t necessarily have to drive yourself into the ground if exercise has been on your mind. Start slowly and build your stamina.


21 March - 20 April

Get a move on and call your family and express some of those feelings of love for the people closest to you now that the Moon and Mars combined. This is an energetic combination and indicates strong feelings are likely to arise making you more nurturing and emotional towards others. If you�ve been avoiding someone now is the time to make peace. There�s also the potential for being over reactive in your communications as this transit occurs in your third house of speech and thinking. The recent new Moon means that you can turn over a new leaf and make amends with others with whom you�ve been distant lately.


21 April - 21 May

You have a shot at bettering your circumstances financially now that the recent new Moon in your second house is making contact with Mars. You�ll be fired up at may even have new opportunities to accelerate that surplus cash flow that you�ve been wanting. The Sun also taking part in this celestial dance refers to your properties and fixed assets so it could be that some of these areas are likely to be sources of additional income for you in the near future. You need to investigate how to make your money work for you rather than working for money which seems to be the secret that most successful people have figured out.

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