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Smart Cleanse

Smart Cleanse is a brand that manufactures and delivers premium, organic and so called  'Practitioner Only’ products, that use maximum therapeutic doses... direct to our consumer. 14 Day Smart Cleanse offers people 2 x powerful, scientifically validated, organic, naturopathic detox and weight loss programs combined in one, that are both scientifically validated and use maximum therapeutic doses 3-6 X that of our Practitioner competitors, so superior value for money. 14 Day Smart Cleanse is the go-to in home detox and weight loss solution, that gets results fast, and is also becoming renown for being 'Australia’s Only Practitioner Grade Cleansing and Dietary Kit' available online and on the shelf to the masses, without any need for lengthy or costly consultations or prescriptions.Savannah Daisley is the founder of Smart Cleanse and the website While Savannah has enjoyed the benefits of exceptional health and wellbeing for a number of years now, this wasn’t always the case in her younger years.“After having a childhood wrought with junk food (toxic food), to becoming the resident mojito (cocktail with mint, lime and sugar in it) girl in my 20’s, I manifested some pretty tough imbalances in my body over the years.While I was destroying my gut microbiome with antibiotics and polluting my body with toxins, the food allergies I had became worse, and in particular my vitality and energy levels really took a nose dive, sometimes for days. This soon became the norm for me, and it was also accompanied by a constant headache, which lasted for a full five years.


Smart Cleanse

181-189 Maroubra Rd, 1, Maroubra, New South Wales, 2035, Australia

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