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"I doubt that I will ever see any Gov't , Local, State or Federal in Australia, hold the big company's..."

Commented on a story 3:21pm Apr 18th

"I still think there is merit in the Federal Government having a re-think on compulsory superannuation..."

Commented on a story 8:32am Apr 18th

"Well viewer, I am doing well today. Seems I am a lizard living under a flat insulated rock :) I think..."

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"" flat earth society " ? Nah mate, I got nothing to do with Wagner's airport. :P"

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"Over the last two months or so, I have had no real problems with the Range. Be it heading East or..."

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"Mr Baz , you may have noted, is a strong supporter of our Grand Poo-Bah and been in Toowoomba, as a..."

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"" I like making ugly things beautiful " Will I need to make an appointment to have my face painted ?..."

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"Most kids would be better off by actually confronting another human being. This will provide more..."

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"errr..No. Well, not according to the web site you sent me to. Mere Household Ratepayers like..."

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"One option that seemed to be ignored. Let the rain and creeks do their thing. In other words, write..."

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