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"A great pair of white pointers."

Commented on a story 1:17pm Apr 24th

"He was drawing attention to his draft rejection which implied that he was not moral enough to kill..."

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"I am sure the primary concern of those poor Sherpas who lost their lives would be of the welfare of..."

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"Pssst!! Want to buy an inflatible little "something" that will spark up your love life? Something..."

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" Mr Elmes said all Australians should be thankful for the sacrifice of the Australian military, whether..."

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"Most pet owners at some time or another have had to make the heartbreaking decision to end the..."

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"This guy gets less publicity than Kim Kardashian???? Modern media has such strange priorities."

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"According to 4 Corners this aircraft is shaping up to have too many bugs to be competitive. Howard..."

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"A humane needle is a far better way to deal with diseased animals than spend to valuable resources on..."

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"Are they saying that half of all speeding deaths occur in the range of + 7 kmph? There is no way they..."

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