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"What is it called when a government enacts a law and then sits on it so it can be used later against..."

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"As the cesium cloud from Fukushima permeates our environment there will be a jump in blood cancers. ..."

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"Similar to Dudley Moore's comment about Volvos .. "boxy but good!"... Apple...."Bendy and buggy but..."

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"Sigh... This old chestnut ..AGAIN! I'm afraid that Queensland is populated by "chooks" who refuse to..."

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"If you feed them too much and they get beak rot, don't throw them down the loo. They will breed in the..."

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"I guess banging one's face on the ground after getting beak rot would be a terrible end. However my..."

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"I think I'd rather a ree-soul counter lunch than to own someone's R-soul. "

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""A social drinking club with a motorcycle problem." Love this slogan, AND the Ulysses', "growing old..."

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"Thumbs up to Newsmail for allowing people a forum to voice their concern at the Moslem surge in..."

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