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""Our current system works."...... So you want to change it by enshrining in law that only one race can..."

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"The weaponisation of this virus is indeed a risk, however dangerous the research has a great deal of..."

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"Ok... following your logic ... Putin is dirty on his lusty lizards because they shot down flight MH17..."

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"Methinks the Russkies have been playing with their lizards for too long (they are worn out!) and..."

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"As has been pointed out previously, "Why aim this at Clive Palmer?". Whose agenda is being pursued? ..."

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"Seems to me that child abuse has been around as long as there have been people. Now that the stones..."

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"When the eligibility age for a pension gets raised it'll be the aged tending the aged."

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"Eighty kilometres as a grille badge, how much can a koala bear?"

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"This is much more interesting than another tattoo-fest."

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