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"Had the man been of a certain race.... the killings would have been legal."

Commented on a story 2:11pm Apr 17th

"I don't see the CSG lobby helping out here. They are conspicuous by their absence."

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"I wish you luck Tony Davis and Robert Lowrey. The mining corporations have this by the throat. With..."

Commented on a story 12:27pm Mar 18th

"I am sure the aviation authorities mentioned ethics forbidding such activities as peeking into windows..."

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"The constipuants of Bungaberg should be afriended."

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Commented on a story 12:19pm Mar 16th

"Absolutely, the "Pistorious defence" is an apology for poor gun laws. On the other hand if a father..."

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"You are right, the litigious nature of our system has relieved us of many freedoms that takes away from..."

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"Seems like religion is not so harmless after all. (excluding violent extremists and mindwashing cults) ..."

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""The Greens are a dangerous extremist party whose very name is downright misleading." Why? because..."

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