April 2016

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Lauren Wilson hopes to open a head-lice removal business and remove the stigma around nits.

M'boro mum wants to nit-pick for a living

"yes, spontaneity has definitely been regulated out of business."

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Apple says quarterly revenue fell for the first time in more than a decade, as iPhone sales fell compared with a year ago.

Apple revenue falls: Is iPhone love affair over?

"Surely they could dip into their little tax haven funds? "

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Owner pledges to do all he can to save 100-year-old tree, following neighbour concerns

Fears 100-year-old ‘Tweed icon’ Norfolk Pine dying

"Nothing lives forever. Perhaps when the tree eventually does die the timber could be used to build..."

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The event came hours before Environment Minister Greg Hunt was due to sign the global climate change agreement in New York.

Aussies dress as dead coral to protest climate policy

"You're partially right about co2. Methane is the biggest threat. "

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UPDATE: The RSPCA want anyone with information about an injured curlew to contact 1330 264 625.

UPDATE: Man told police he may have caused injury to curlew

"Curlews will protect their nests with beaks and wing spurs. This was probably a revenge shooting."

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A RED deer stag affectionately known as “John Deer” which made the hinterland town of Eudlo its holiday home has been shot and killed.

Oh deer! Beloved community deer shot dead

"Terry Pratchett in one of his "Watch" novels coined the term, "speciesist" when describing the..."

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The US government appears set to release part of a 28-page classified chapter from a report that could point to Saudi connections to the 9/11 terror attacks.

9/11 report: Obama 'set to release' secret 28 pages

"How true, lies and disinformation form the heart of governments worldwide. We only have to look at..."

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CCTV footage has captured four people getting out of two cars near a house. The people then threw eels on the house's front lawn.

Eels thrown on front lawn in bizarre attack

"They should have disposed of them in their "eelie Bin""

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THE Federal Environment Department has moved to fast-track the release of a long-delayed $4.2 million National Assessment of the Chemicals Used in Coal Seam Gas in Australia.

CSG review into drill chemicals put on fast track

"Don't hold your breath! "

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The Refugee Council claims Immigration officials of cherry-picked Middle Eastern refugees to be resettled in Australia.

Claims Middle Eastern refugees were cherry picked

"It's a great policy refugee council, pull your heads in."

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